15 km from Belgium, the heart of Avesnois, groves region of northern France, in a small village with the ruins of a castle belonging to the Lords who made the Crusades.

Along the GR 655 hiking path.

On the way to Compostela.


At 40 minutes, Chimay (its lake, its castle), Beaumont, Caves of Hans, Dinant (its citadel, its cliffs and the Meuse valley).

An hour drive from Lille, Brussels (Belgium), the cathedral and the cellars of Reims, Laon Cathedral, Place Ducale in Charleville, the places of Arras.

A regional natural park, Avesnois sometimes evokes Normandy with its wooded landscape with thorn hedges and apple trees. Crossed by many rivers decorated with windmills, dotted with countless chapels, the country consists of small villages where brick and tile give way to the country's blue stone and slate, which until recently came from the Ardennes –notably Fumay.